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An economist by training, this mother from Morocco decided one day that the only job that would suit her like a glove was none other than that of a lawyer. Is it by homage to his grandfather, a renowned judge, that Me Fatima, switched to the side of the jurists?

Is it all that by immigrating to Montreal, since 2000 already, this polyglot (mastering French, English and German as well as Arabic) decided to make a reorientation and to begin studies in law that 'she never looked back afterwards.

Having graduated with flying colors from the Faculty of Law of the University of Sherbrooke, she returned to the Bar School of the same city and also completed a 6-month professional training internship; This allowed him to obtain his license to practice the profession of lawyer. As a result, Me Fraj feels comfortable practicing civil law, family law, corporate law, immigration law.

She began as Legal Advisor during the Municipal Elections in 2005. Then she continued the same experience during the partial municipal elections of 2006. The same year 2006, she became Assistant to the Director of the Professional Development Center of the Law Faculty, of Sherbrooke.

Me Fatima Fraj practices on her own to do what she has always dreamed of: defending the interests and rights of litigants with the best of her skills. For this, Me Fatima promises to offer everyone a personalized, professional, direct and privileged service in her fields of expertise.

Currently, Me Fraj with his multidisciplinary team of human resources experts, immigration consultants, experienced managers and strategic advisors are positioning themselves to excel in the immigration process for the benefit of individuals and businesses.
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